Inside the Mind of a Psychopath

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Is there a cure?

While there is no direct cure for psychopathy, these people are able to undergo treatment through psychotherapy and mental wards or hospitals.  Since there is no scientific cure or medicine for psychopaths, the rehabilitation process is extremely important.  Considering that the main cause of this disorder stems from the environment in which the person was raised, this should be the basis for treatment. 

There is some evidence that psychopaths who are held in hospitals or prisons have a difficult time applying their new knowledge from treatment into the real world once they are released because of the lack of integration of real life scenarios such as drugs and alcohol, opposites sexes, and friends and family.  Even though many of these things are what causes the psychological disturbance, they are main factors in helping the person become strong and overpower their urge to play out their psychopathic behaviors.

Psychopaths are often released from hospitals or institutions once they show a significant change in their antisocial behaviors.  This is not to say that they are cured or will ever be cured (most psychopaths will have a lifelong diagnoses) as most tend to slip back into their psychopathic ways and behaviors.  Because of the pathological lying trait and the glibness of psychopaths, many of the deceitfully convince their care takers that their behaviors have changed and that the therapy has worked more than it really has.  This can often lead to the discharge of patients at a time when they are more vulnerable to violent behavior and crime.

There is no true treatment or cure for psychopathy, but through treatment, criminal and violent behavior may be able to be overcome.