Inside the Mind of a Psychopath

What is a psychopath?
The Beginning
Stereotypes & Myths
Is there a cure?
Infamous Psychopaths

Stereotypes & Myths

The following is a list of facts that are sometimes stereotyped on psychopaths as well as portrayed in the media as always having the same characteristics: 

  • Pedophiles are NOT psychopaths, but some psychopaths ARE pedophiles.
  • Antisocial personalities are NOT always psychopaths, but psychopaths DO have antisocial personalities
  • Psychopaths are NOT unintelligent. Most are extremely verbally intelligent but lack emotional intelligence.
  • Psychopaths are NOT always murderers, and murderers are NOT always pyschopathic.
  • Some of the more intelligent psychopaths are actually in higher positions and can even own companies.
  • Psychopathy is much more common than people think.
  • There is not an "evil gene" that causes psychopathy, but there are genes that make certain people more vulnerable to psychopathy.
  • Psychopaths are actually over-represented in prisons. Only about 25% of inmates are diagnosed as psychopathic. Many psychopaths are walking among the rest of us each day.
  • All psychopaths are NOT violent.
  • All psychopaths are NOT psychotic. Many people believe that a psychopath has psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. 
  • Psychopaths are actually extremely rational.  They are aware of their illegal actions but seem to shrug it off with a careless attitude.
  • Psychopathy is NOT untreatable. Through the use of psychotherapy, it may be extremely difficult to change a psychopath's traits, but their criminal and violent behaviors may be easier to change. In contrast, some psychopaths react the opposite to psychotherapy, exploding into more violent acts because of it.